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​​Matthew Bennett - Athletic Therapist

Meet Matthew Bennett, a highly experienced Athletic Therapist with 22 years of expertise in anatomy and 17 years in the professional field. As the founder and Athletic Therapist at Active Solutions Medicine Clinic, he combines various modalities such as biomechanics, exercise rehab, pre-habilitation, performance training, and contemporary medical acupuncture to align, nourish, and strengthen the body for pain-free, active daily living.

Matthew has had a storied career as the owner of Active Solutions Medicine, founder and President of Bennett's Choice, and an instructor for Equinox Canada. Notably, he has appeared on CBC's Dragons' Den, where he successfully pitched to Jim, Arlene, and Michael.

His commitment to the field is also evident through his work on the advisory board for Faly Academy Soccer, and his prior roles at The Dempster Clinic, Toronto FC Academy, Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, Toronto Marlies, and Toronto Argos Football Club.

Matthew's strong educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Athletic Therapy from Sheridan Institute, a diploma in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University, and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Anne Nielsen - Thai Oil Massage 

Introducing Anne, a seasoned Thai massage therapist with a decade of expertise in the art of healing. As the dedicated practitioner behind Urban Thai Spa, she seamlessly blends traditional Thai massage techniques with a profound understanding of the body's muscles, pressure points, and joints.
With a decade-long commitment to promoting holistic well-being, Anne takes pride in tailoring each session to meet the unique needs of her clients. Through a fusion of precise pressure, rhythmic movements, and a deep knowledge of anatomy, she aims to provide therapeutic benefits, fostering relaxation, flexibility, and overall vitality. 
Anne invites you to experience the transformative power of her practiced touch. Her approach, rooted in a decade of expertise, is designed to harmonize the physical and energetic aspects of well-being, helping individuals embark on a journey towards optimal health and rejuvenation through the ancient art of Thai massage.