Nathan Heida - Registered Massage Therapist

​​Nathan has been working as a Registered Massage Therapist for over 7 years. Learning and working originally in Ontario for just over three years before moving to Alberta for another three years and finally now residing in British Columbia. He has a passion for health and wellness and is enthusiastic about helping people throughout all stages of injury or with general maintenance

Heike Dumke - Counsellor

Heike developed a fascination with Medicine and Psychology during her childhood and early teenage years, and in line with this fascination, has acquired extensive and varied experience in the healthcare profession through clinical and research work.   Following the fall of the wall in 1989, Heike had an opportunity to move to Canada, where she pursued her educational interests by studying neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience, clinical applications of Psychology, and rehabilitation sciences at various universities.   She holds an Honors BA degree in Psychology from Simon Fraser University and an MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology from Leicester University, UK.   She continued her formal educational pursuits with PhD level studies in the areas of Cognitive Neuroscience (2003-2005) as well as Rehabilitation Sciences (2015-2019) at the University of British Columbia, where she devoted her time to understanding the neural bases of cognition and cognitive development as well as fatigue following traumatic brain injury and measurement.   
Heike also combined her love for Psychology and Medicine clinically by working with people with brain injury since 2008, and has since then obtained two professional registrations (Registered Rehabilitation Professional; RRP and Registered Clinical Counsellor, RCC).
She has been studying cognition (i.e., thinking) for more than a decade through formal education at different universities and through listening to clients who suffered a brain injury. When the brain is impacted, the person’s quality of life is impacted due to the physical, cognitive, emotional, and/ or social challenges the person will likely experience.  To navigate these challenges and finding a way out of this apparent maze can be a daunting task that comes at an emotional cost. 
Heike is specialized in cognitive rehabilitation therapy, which is a technique to address cognitive difficulties (e.g., concentration and memory difficulties) arising after brain injury.  Importantly, while cognitive difficulties arising from a brain injury can create emotional difficulties, the opposite is true as well:  emotional functioning can impact a person’s cognitive functioning.  However, emotional challenges following brain injury can have many roots.  Therefore, Heike utilizes an eclectic approach including but not limited to cognitive behavioural therapy and Rogerian principles to address the emotional challenges people face following brain injury. Figuring out how to best address a patient’s challenges in re-gaining functionality and independence to support emotional well -being and improve quality of life has been an important component in her practice.  ​

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Athletic Therapy Treatment - 45 Mins $75.00

Counselling Session - 60 Mins - $130.00

Massage Therapy - 60 Mins - $110.00/ 90 Mins - $160.00

Pilates One On One - 60 Mins - $80.00

Christine Lin - Pilates & Performance Specialist​
•Master Personal Trainer, Tight Club
•Master Trainer & Teacher Trainer, Lagree West
•Owner, Founder & Personal Trainer, pushxpull Studio
•Fitness Operations Analyst, Independent Consultant
•Pilates & TRX Instructor, Artizia
•Ballet Barre Instructor, lululemon
•Ballet Barre Instructor, The Dailey Method
•TRX & YFit Instructor, YYoga
•Group Fitness & Callanetics Instructor, Kondi Studio
•Bar Instructor, The Bar Method
•Midget Ice Hockey Coach, Vancouver Female Hockey 

•Mat Pilates, Physical Mind Institute (2018)
•Sliding Pilates, Physical Mind Institute (2017)
•Lagree Fitness Method, Lagree Fitness (2017)
•YFit, YYoga (2016)
•Group Suspension Training, TRX (2016)
•Dailey Method, The Dailey Method (2016)
•Bar Method, The Bar Method (2013)
•Master’s Degree: Curatorial Practice, The University of Glasgow (2012)
•Bachelor’s Degree: Art History & Nutrition, The University of British Columbia (2010)

Matthew Bennett - Athletic Therapist


•Founder and President, Bennett's Choice
•Member of Advisory Board - Faly Academy Soccer
•Founder and Athletic Therapist, Active Solutions Medicine Clinic (Vancouver)
•Instructor - Tier 3 MSP Curriculum to Personal Trainers at Equinox Canada (Toronto)
•Former Athletic Therapist, The Dempster Clinic (Toronto)
•Former Academy Athletic Therapist,  Toronto FC Academy
•Former Assistant Athletic Therapist, Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, Toronto Marlies, Toronto Argos Football Club


Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2009 - 2014
ND, Naturopathic Medicine

McMaster University, 2007
dip.Ap, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Sheridan Institute, 2003-2007
BaHSc (Athletic Therapy), Athletic Therapy